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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Why am I here ?

This is a question I need to answer because in this day and age everything must be justified

Here are some answers 

1. To make Art. 

2. To experience and take part in Skammdegi ( dark days ) festival.

3. To find space to think.

4. To create something small here that will feed into other work at home. 


5. To engage with the local community.

 6. To explore how characters I bring work with people from another place and possibly culture and engage in a way that works for them.

7. To start to heal a few things.

8. To start to engage in what my future could be. 

What I have found is that people are essentially the same wherever you go, and it's that sameness which is the best part. A wish to communicate,engage and connect on a level that goes beyond the superficial. Of course people are different culturally but that makes it all the more interesting for everyone. To find both the differences and the similarities. 

Living surrounded by such amazingly beautiful nature it's easy to feel calm and a part of it. Let's hope some of that will remain with me when I return.

I think I've done well with most of the things on my list. 

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