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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A somersault of 9,000 kilometres to you !

Happy Chinese New Year to you ! 

It's one celebration after another

It is the start of the year of the red monkey - this little fella ( bit blurry I'm afraid ) certainly enjoys a somersault. 
What a great greeting ! 

' Yige Jindou shi wan bagian li ' which if it had all the right accents would sound like ' a somersault of 18.000 li to you ' in Chinese. 

In Iceland there were also celebrations of a kind with Bolludagur (Bun day ) the idea is that children wake up before their parents, seeing their parents in bed they hit them with colourfully decorated bolluvondur ( bun wands ). Parents must then give them Bolla ( cream puffs ) - one for each blow they receive, this sounds pretty dangerous to me. 
But they are tasty and everyone was eating them - I've not polled any parents on how many hits they received or seen anyone limping around yet.

Don't worry the knife was for sharing purposes not warding off greedy children.

Today in Iceland it is Sprengidagur  - Explosion Day 
You eat as much salted lamb and pea soup as you possibly can until you burst ! 

Well it is Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Carnivale around the World today - everyone is celebrating, eating and over indulging before they all calm down again until Easter !!

In Venice they have Carnivale and celebrate for a week by dressing up and wearing masks.

In Brazil they celebrate big with Carnival - Samba schools compete against each other with amazing eye-popping floats, dancers, music - the partying happens for a week.
The Rio carnival is probably the largest in the World.

In Spain they celebrate similarly with floats, costumes and music always 
with regional differences.

And in Britain - well we celebrate with pancakes 

We really know how to push the boat out ! 

Happy Somersaulting wherever you are 

            X      X 

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