Olafsfjordur, Iceland

Olafsfjordur, Iceland
Olafsfjordur, Iceland

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Trapped !

Hello - it's been ages since I last wrote anything and I have returned to Glasgow. The concrete and greyness is pretty underwhelming and dirty looking.

Though I walk past here every day on my way to work - I'm sure it's a feedback comment someone must have had which amuses me greatly, it's an exhibition, which I've not been in yet. 
But as you can see it's sunny, in fact the weather hasn't been too bad since I've been back.

But the most exciting thing for me at the moment is 'Trapped ' the Television programme which I am watching avidly. Not just filmed in the north of Iceland but in Siglufjordur the next town to where I was. 

If you haven't seen it and don't live in Iceland or Britain you may not know what I am talking about, but you can still enjoy the pictures. 

Here is a view of Siglufjordur from the school bus. 

Here is the bus and the School, in real life and in the series ( where the Ferry Passengers are staying ) 

Here is the mountain and the town, they drive around here. 

I've seen this building in it loads of times. 

The programme is actually very dark and in reality the town is laid back and quite pretty. 

Although these pictures are of locations I've spied. 

It is a brilliant and sometimes slightly gruesome programme, but done so brilliantly and understated. If you can watch it do. 
It's quite a bleak image of the town though. They never show you things like this 

I'd have liked to have met the person who lives there - or this 

Or this - the only town I saw cats in. ( I soon realised my new career as ' Iceland's cats calendar 2017' photographer was doomed.) 

Or much of the coloured houses 

And I've seen my favourite boat only once

So don't be put off, Siglufjordur is a bit of a Tourist destination when the weather is better. There's a Hostel right on the water that I'm considering for the future, a huge ski slope, a gallery which also has performances, a bakery and coffee shop which was great and a few restaurants or eateries which are open in the summer. 

And by the way the people all seemed good !