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Friday, 12 February 2016

Death Part 2

Death is back - it never really went away ! 

It's not directly back for me, but I am writing about it for the 2nd Festival of Death that we are organising in Scotland this year. A Festival of Art, Exhibitions,Performance and fun which will celebrate death and commemorate loved ones passed.

This morning a friend's loved one passed away, it was expected. I think they were all as ready as anybody can be, and as it is for many it was a peaceful release. 
RIP M x 

Death is always hard for us, the ones who are left, but we should take comfort in the fact that for the dying it is often the peace they need.

To think positively of death we can embrace it by speaking of it and our loved ones, not thinking that it is the end, there are huge changes which take a long time to get used to but we can still continue to enjoy the legacy and love that they have left us.

And for ourselves we should learn not to fear it.

And in doing so embrace every moment of life that we can. 

Obviously if you were in Ölafsfjordur today that wouldn't have been hard. Today was an incredibly beautiful day and the sun shone above the mountains.

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