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Monday, 22 February 2016

Dark Days are over

The Dark Days or Skammdegi are over - or at least the Skammdegi festival is. 

The end of the long dark days in the north of Iceland is certainly coming to an end. 

But winter and snow will be here a good while longer.

The Skammdegi Artists who have been exploring the dark winter are sad that their time here is coming to an end.

Because to us the dark winter has been positive and enlightening. 

A chance to make work 

A chance to make friends 

An opportunity to enjoy the amazing landscape 

A lot of Icelanders find it dark and slightly depressing even, probably because their summer times are so long and fantastic, not temperature wise but lightness wise.

But for us we find so much in this dark winter, not just through nature, but through the people and their culture and way of life.

Yes we have only skimmed the surface, and everywhere can have both positives and negatives to it. But we have loved it and are sad to leave and hoping to return. 

Some left today but struggled to get the bus on time.

Others were so sad leaving today, but look as though they may have come to terms with their departure by drowning their sorrows in Reykjavik.

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