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Monday, 8 February 2016

Hurrah ! The Museum ! Opens !

The Museum finally opened it's doors - it was a little bit touch and go at first. 

But I finally managed to get in and had a grand opening 

In Rita's capable hands 

With exotic exhibits from around the globe 

Visitors aplenty 

This is only a sample selection 

A - Of People old enough to be put online
B - Of people Rita remembered to photograph

There was even a ' Tunnel of Love ' 

It was so exciting - but that wasn't the only excitement to the weekend as it was Skammdegi festival week 2 with performances and exhibitions galore

There was also a lot of Artist partying 

Earlier ! 

Later ! 

The Museum opened again on Sunday with a new exhibit specially for Skammdegi Artists 

Well it all happens again next weekend with more Festival events. 

The Museum will be open with new exhibits, if you have anything interesting to exhibit, donations are always welcome as the curating process is not too stringent, other than that please come along if you happen to be in the area. 

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