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Friday, 19 February 2016

Love is in the air

There was so much love in the air and not just because it was Valentines Day. 

Liz opened the museum. 

There were flowers - even ones made of ice 

Some lovely people came 

Hanna and Jon.... there is more to his name - anyway they are lovely ! 

Lenka who is lovely she invited Liz to her house that afternoon for her daughters birthday party. I went instead and had a really nice time in their beautiful house with some lovely people and  tasty food.

There was so much love the museum stayed open the whole day and 
Ida and her family made the Artists a special meal at the Kaffi which was really great and the Artists enjoyed themselves and played outside for a bit. 

All in all as Astridur Iskleif likes to say ' it was a lovely day' 

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