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Tuesday, 2 February 2016


Olafsfjordur's main industry is fish - many people earn their living through it. 

Today the trawler Manneberg was leaving for Norway. It will be away for a month, men ( I don't know if any women do it ) are generally away a month at a time, they do a month on and a month off. Liz was speaking to a man the other day who was sailing on the Manneberg today, he said he knew the weather would be bad - and so it is.

Today is very windy and the Fjord is rough and grey, the wind blew wafts of the smell of fish across Olafsfjordur. 

There are two factories that work with fish, this one.

And the factory that dries fish for the Nigerian market which I have been inside.

Cleaning and stacking.

Drying on racks. 

Knowing your C from your H 

And bagging it. 

It is perhaps not the easiest industry to work in, people start work early in the cold and dark. The smell of fish clings to you. 

The sea is dangerous, and working out at sea arduous. Men (? ) work 6 hours on 6 hours off constantly for a whole month. 

Boats in the harbour on a calm and lovely day. 

But perhaps there is still a bit of fun to be had, wherever you are. 

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