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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Time to Talk Day

Hi Liz here ! Helloooo ! 

Amazing talking is my favourite thing to do along with Zumba which I'm going to do today and being with my family and friends ! and quite a few other things too ! 

Des, Dick, me and our friend Lillian in Gatehouse of Fleet in Scotland 

But today is a special day for talking as it's about talking about Mental Health. Last year Des, Dick and me went on a special tour called ' Take the Black Dog out on a walk Tour ' it was brilliant, we were doing it as part of SMHAFF which is the Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival - it was brilliant there was loads of Art and Films on. I don't know anything about art but I loved it and that's how come I love Artists so much now and one reason why I have come back to Iceland as there are loads of them here.

Des and me in Edinburgh concentrating very hard doing Salsa and learning how to clap at the same time.

Anyway for this day you just talk about anything to do with mental health or mental wellbeing ! Which is a brilliant thing to do, as for many people, actually 1 in 4 people are probably not feeling as good as they would like to. You can talk about anything at all today, it doesn't have to just be about mental health it can just be talking to someone about anything.

Our fact sheet that we made, it's got my top tips on you can make it bigger and have a look ! 

I'm going to talk about Zumba, the snow, what a lovely day it is, what people are having for their tea, what's your favourite music, what's your favourite Karaoke song to do - anything at all. 

Here's the front, there are some good books about mental health that Dick recommended, they are really good for everyone to read.

Here is a book on our list in the Library in Olafsfjordur ! Brilliant eh ! It's a good book 

Bye for now - talk lots, I'm going to

Love Liz  X 

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